Yacht racing may appear slow to land-based spectators, but adrenalin levels on board tell a totally different story…

With specifications tightly-regulated for every class; competitors and teams must exploit every possible advantage: a tough call because the winds between them and the finish line are totally invisible. A solid mix of insight and experience is required to anticipate competitors’ strategies or challenges – while the whole flotilla is trying to detect any helpful wind-shifts or changes in water currents. Continue Reading »


Two weeks as chaplain aboard a recent New Zealand cruise was a great experience, for I was privileged to hear inspiring stories from people who have offered to share them through these columns. We were also treated to constantly stunning scenery. Continue Reading »

News of Norway’s terror bomb-blast and the massacre of children has shocked the world. Especially in secular western democracies; where indiscriminate slaughter is usually labelled as “Islamic.” For the culprit, Anders Behring Breivik, is a Norwegian who claims to be Christian! Continue Reading »

Nobody is a Nobody

Anytime you feel ignored or threatened, you’re in great company; for the same emotions were built into the first Christmas.
For if there was no room for Mary and Joseph in the inn, how crowded (and unhygienic) would its stable be? And how safe for a newborn infant in a feed-trough – if any sudden noises spooked the animals?
Yet this was how God chose to introduce himself to our world. Continue Reading »

Being suddenly engulfed in darkness can be scary, until logic offers explanations like a switch being thrown or a short-circuit somewhere.

But imagine your terror if your night-time stillness was suddenly swamped in light, and Edison’s light bulbs were still centuries away! Continue Reading »

Christmas gift lists are helpful but you always have to allow for responding to unexpected gifts. Where do you draw the line? Continue Reading »

Before any Grinch out there complains that one Christmas is one too many, please let me explain…. Continue Reading »